Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Know Such Love and Trust

What does this photo speak to your heart?

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Martha Herden said...

Two things hit me instantly when I saw this photo-
one being "There but by the Grace of God go I" if i mis-quoted that scripture, please forgive me.

My other thought is to the amazing power of God-how HE will provide LOVE to those who have nobody in their lives-for whatever reason. This photo is one of Un-Conditional Love. No demands, no expectations, simply a man hugging his pal, a beautiful dog who is loving him back.

What a grace-filled God we have-we don't have to search Hard for Love-its right in FRONT of us!!!

Thank you Diane-this is a very moving photo!

Love you. Martha

Betty said...

I am there with Martha...there but by the grace of God go I. We have seen more homeless people since we moved to California then we ever did in Kentucky, not sure why either. They stir my heart to stop and ask their did you get to begging on the street and pushing a grocery cart? My husband has been stopped several times already by the homeless needed a few dollars...his gift of mercy can never say no, he too knows it's only by the grace of God we are not there.

The first time I spoke at a small womens gathering in Simi Valley I made the statement if I had to be homeless this would be the place to do it, beautiful weather, lots of nice parks with showers, etc. I had ask the lady who hosted the event who did she think I should give a courage pendant to, she gave me her name. The women left me their email address and I later wrote them a thank you for coming. The one who still wears the courage pendant wrote and told me she and her husband were sleeping in their car, homeless, yet she chose to say nothing that day. I later got an email from her and it shook me to the core as she told her story. Five grown children, husband on drugs, she was working, he was not, they had lost everything. I lost track of her for a while, about a year later she surfaced again, they now live in Florida, he is in prison, she is at a half way house for women ran by a church, going back to school to get a better job.

I never want to become hard hearted about those around us who stand on the corners with a cardboard sign for it could be me someday...but I also want to be wise and discerning as to who God wants me to touch for Him.

Precious picture Diane... they say a picture is worth a thousand sure made the words flow from me as I know it will others. Thanks for posting it, thank God our hearts are not so hard they cannot be stir from it. (I think my flow of words stopped before a thousand)

Martha Herden said...

Betty put it all out there perfectly. We see so many homeless people, and we have NO clue as to how hard their journey has been. The first reaction at times feels like we want to avert our eyes, looking away from the TRUTH of today's world, but its THERE and as Betty said, We must look and if we can't help, at least a Prayer for them is needed.

Wonderful words Betty-its obvious they flowed straight from your heart.

God bless you and Diane-for putting this photo-that IS filled with love here so we will Look and never forget our homeless.

Love, martha

Pam said...

In addition to all that's already been said, this photo says to me: safe in the arms of love, warmth, grace... and... home at heart.

Veronica Shticks said...

Thank you, Diane, for posting this picture so I could be so touched by Martha's words: "we don't have to search Hard for Love-its right in FRONT of us," Betty's compassionate act of actually stopping to talk to the homeless and her husband's generosity, and Pam's just two very powerful words: home at heart! I'm in awe of all of you!

A Joyful Noise said...

Thank you for your sweet comments to my recent post. I appreciate your prayers very much. This photo is precious, how great is LOVE.

Christina Berry said...

I always say that I would live in my car with my dogs before I'd give them up, no matter how bad my circumstances. I think this gentleman shares my sentiments. :)

Lolita said...

I echo Martha's comment.

This is love, this is give-and-take relationship. They are sharing each other's warmth amidst the cold of the street corner.

with us here in our country, we have thousands in the streets. There are those children living on sky-walks. Most them doesn't like shelters because they have become so street-oriented, they refuse to conform to the regulated life inside shelters.

sometimes, as I pass by, I share my bread to one..... and my prayers to all.

The prayer part I could handle, and we do reach out to them with the Gospel.

Diane Ronzino said...

I love all your hearts and how you viewed this photo. Thank you for sharing!