Friday, March 2, 2012

Springtme of the Soul

At my weekly Bible study, I consistently encourage the senior citizens to keep growing, changing, and developing more and more into the image of Jesus - no matter what their age.

Spring has finally arrived in my soul and my eyes have been opened to see new growth all around me - in the young and old alike. And it has been inspiring.

Blogs I've been reading are even growing. From authors daring to make a little change here and there to their blogs, to full blown remakes. Writing skills are improving and evolving, as the writers are finding their voice.  It's like spring has sprung all around me.

After coming out of a seven-year drought, my soul is as thirsty as a new plant breaking through the hardened, cold, winter ground seeking delight from the early morning dew.

I'm thirsting for more and more intimacy with Jesus. I'm thirsting to be used as a vessel for other's growth. I'm thirsty for this little old blog of mine to make a difference in someone's life. I'm thirsty for The Living Water to flood my soul to the point of overflow - overflow in the extravagant Love (my One Word for this year) department.
Oh, water my soul, my LORD. As I soak in the water of Your Word, cause me, oh God, to be saturated to the point of overflow. Water my soul and cause me to be living water to those around me coming into their springtime. Better yet, cause me to be living water to those in a desert, wilderness season. Even if they can only swallow one drop at a time, let me be the bearer of that droplet. May extravagant Love flow as an unending river, supplying life-sustaining substance to those who thrist.
I not only prayed this prayer for me, but for you as well.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Pam said...

Beautiful, Diane. I'm so happy you are feeling this way. I know God is using your words in ways you may not yet know.

Diane Ronzino said...

Thank you, Pam!

Betty said...

Your post reminds me of a song.

One day I came to Him I was so thirsty
I ask for water my throat was so dry
He gave me water that I had never dreamed of
But for this water my Lord had to die

He said I thirst, yet He made the rivers
He said I thirst, yet He made the sea
I thirst, said the King of the ages
In His great thirst He brought water to me

Now there's a river that flows as clear as crystal
It comes from God throne above
And like a river, it wells up in side me
Bringing mercy and life giving love

chorus again

Lolita said...

Yes, Pam dear! She knows one already. A bud "eager to sprout in the springtime of soul." I am delighting in every drop I am tasting out of the living water flowing from the river of life.

You too P, is one of those vessels causing some in the drought season brought into springtime.

How wonderful and wondrous is the Lover of My Soul to all of us.

Diane Ronzino said...

How beautiful are thos words. "But, for this water my Lord had to die." I can feel the tears welling up.

Thank You, Jesus!

Thank you, Betty.

Lolita said...

Oh, Betty! There you are. I kept a blog roll underneath this blog to see updates from all of you immediately.

Thanks for the song, dear Betty. That is also mentioned in Diane's post today.

Thank you, Betty and the rest.

Diane Ronzino said...

God uses all of YOU, Vessels of Honor. You have all watered my soul during such drought. You kept me alive...I'm so blessed to know you.

Martha Herden said...

The Lord is blessing you each day as you put your words down-words that are flowing from your heart.

The Blessing for me has been the GIFT of getting to know you-witnessing your amazing Faith, getting a chance now and then to Skype via the computer where we will share laughter, tears, and prayers.

I am so thankful for this Gift. Its so fun when my dear husband will ask me "So how is your New York Friend doing? Have you heard from her?"

He knows me and how hard it was for me to reach out and meet you and so many others. Such a blessing in my life.

Love, Martha