Sunday, March 18, 2012

On Bated-breath I Wait

The date is set - Saturday, March 24th. 11:30 AM. With child-like anticipation I look at the date on my calendar and get excited. I can't wait! Can you hear my hands clapping? I'm not even concerned with my weight gain and what to wear (which is unusual for me).  This is a God-thing - His Divine Appointment. And I am like a racehorse chomping at the bit for the gate to open.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Marie was my next-door neighbor when we were children in Flushing, NY ("the City"). We used to meet out on the balconies in the mornings while still in our jammies. I moved out to the "country" when I was six. I don't remember ever seeing Marie again.  One time when I was engaged, Joe drove me Flushing and I knocked on Marie's door. Her family was home - all except Marie. I was very disappointed.

Fifty years after moving, I'm googling in search of Marie. (What did we ever do before Google?!) I found no traces of her or her family.  But, I continued to search and a few months ago I found her brother, Leo. He is still living in "the City". (You'd have to be a New Yorker to understand the whole "the City" thing.)  Long story short, Marie and I finally had a phone conversation.  We caught up on almost 60 years of life in 45 minutes. That's a lot of talking! She's still in New York, still a city girl.

Our reunion will take place on Sat., March 24th @ 11:30 AM.  We are going to meet outside of the old apartments across from Kissena Park where we used to play. We're planning on walking around the block past the "witch's" house, then around to our old school - PS 163 (PS stood for Public School), and then back to the apartments. Hopefully, even swing on the swings at the park! Then off to lunch.  I'm so pumped.

Marie was the BFF that I mentioned at the beginning of Forgiveness Rendered (page tab at the top of the blog).  It's my story of leaving Flushing at age six and the regret of unsaid goodbyes.

God truly brings us full circle. If you've read Forgiveness Rendered, you will know the story and hopefully, you can picture the sidewalk where I froze. Marie and I will walk past Margie's old house. I'm not sure I'll remember exactly which house was hers (as all the houses used to be exactly alike on 160th Avenue in Flushing), but that's OK. God knows. I know I will stop and reflect.  If you've read the story, you will understand why I will do that.

Maybe I should have private time on 160th Street, as Marie has already said she doesn't remember Margie. What will Marie think if I get emotional?  LORD, this reunion is ordained by you. I give it all into Your Hand.  Maybe I should have Marie read Forgiveness Rendered before we meet... ??? Lord, please direct me.

Can young, childhood BFFs forge a new friendship over 50 years later?  With God ALL things are possible!  So, I will go with a positive attitude and we shall see what the outcome will be. Maybe, somehow, there will be a sequel story to Forgiveness Rendered. God already knows the completed story, I just have to follow His lead and see where it all goes.  And if He's so inclined, I will have another chapter for my memoir.

Photo by Julie Williams Dixon
I'm glad you are making this journey with me back to Flushing - back in time. I know you will be with me in spirit, and please know, I'm so grateful for the moral support! I'll be sure to post and let you know how our reunion goes.

I sent Marie a Send-a-Ball in the mail.  I wrote on the ball, "Can Marie come out and play?" Hehe...Wish I had a Flip camera to capture these two almost-sixty-year-olds chatting, giggling, and "playing". Kissena Park swings, here we come!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Lolita said...

Yes Diane, it would be as if you just seen one another yesterday. The flood of remembrance will come even if it was just in childhood, but the heart that knows another heart will never forget. You only have to fill in on the gaps... update each other, and it would be like you never parted ways.

Yes, I am with you too, in this journey.

I am deliriously happy for you both, Diane. Go and celebrate your reunion. God planned for that "full circle" to happen.

All glory to you, Father!

Diane Ronzino said...

Your words give me much hope, Lolita! I really love what you said: "The flood of remembrance will come even if it was just in childhood, but the heart that knows another heart will never forget." Thank you for the encouraging words!

Absolutely: All Glory to You, Father!

Pam said...

This is such a beautiful story! I can't wait to hear about your visit. I just read your story about Margie...that's even more incredible. This whole story sounds like one I'd read in Guideposts. I know God has something special planned for you both this Saturday!

Diane Ronzino said...

Thanks, Pam!

I submitted it to Guideposts, but never heard from them. So, I decided to publish it on my blog.

It truly was extraordinary. Isn't it amazing how God orchestrates our lives...

Pam said...

Yeah, if they don't answer in a couple of months, then they didn't accept it. Have you ever read the last page of Good Housekeeping? It's a page devoted to "blessing stories." You'd have to shorten it though. They only take 500 words.

Martha Herden said...

I am thrilled for your chance to re-unite with your dear childhood friend. Something tells me this meeting will hold many surprises for you and Yes-so many blessings.

Its scary, exciting, and wonderful to meet up with old friends because now we look at each other through our adult heart-although the child memories are still so vivid.

I pray it will be a wonderful adventure for you and as to your writing-God will bring the proper avenue to you--I know it.

Love, Martha

Diane Ronzino said...

No, Pam, I don't get Good Housekeeping. But, thanks for the tip on it!

Diane Ronzino said...

Thanks Martha!

A Joyful Noise said...

This is wonderful to connect with old Best Friends! I am happy for you. One day we shall all meet around the throne of God and we shall clap and twirl and dance with the angels.

Diane Ronzino said...

oh, AMEN to that!!!! WAHOO!

Betty said...

This kind of waiting is the good kind...not worrisome, not fretful, just blessed waiting. Waiting for the second chapter after the first one.

Several years ago I got to connect with my BFF after almost 30 years was wonderful. As we talked I ask her what she remember about my home life, mainly my Dad. She remember he drank a lot and a few other things but she had no idea of the pain I sufferd from the hands of my Dad. We both realized how much I had protected her from all that. As we talked she said, gosh Betty that is why you always stayed all night with me and I never stayed at your house. Her home was pretty disfunctional too but in a different but loving way. Our talk was part of God's healing process for me.

Because we have lived overseas most of the time since then we have lost contact again. Your post has spurred me to reconnect with her. After I go get a can opener. Decided to make soup in our new little nest, found I need several little things we so take for granted.

Waiting, waiting, blessed waiting.

Diane Ronzino said...

That's something about you and your friend. Oh, the ties that bind us together. I'm so glad you had that opportunity for truth. I'm sure it was validating and healing. I had a similar incident with a friend from HS. She lived across the street. Hardly ever did she come to my house. When we reconnected after many years, she told me she was scared of my mother and my brother gave her the creeps. It was very validating and healing.

Thanks for sharing that with us. And I hope you find her! And so glad your nest is coming along. Yep, you probably wouldn't think of a can opener until the moment you needed one. Wish I were there to help you. Can't wait to see pictures of the NEST.