Monday, March 5, 2012

Jammie Lesson

I was in the middle of watching a movie. The scene was morningtime and a woman getting dressed. She put her pajamas under her pillow and made her bed.


PAUSE the movie.

When I was a little girl, every morning I would fold my jammies and put them under my pillow. Then I would finish making my bed. I did this up until I got married.  When I became a "big girl", I no longer put my jammies under the pillow.

Hhmm...I wonder why...

Why did my mother teach us to put our pajamas under the pillow? I truly have no idea. I bet she didn't either. I'm sure her mother taught her to do it, as I did my children, with no explanations as to the reason.

It was just a tradition.

Traditions can be comforting.  Ask anyone who goes home for Christmas.

However, the problem with traditions is that we can just roboticly do them without giving much thought to it, as in the jammie tradition.

And sometimes traditions can be box-producing, because they lock us into thinking only one way, leaving no room for the Holy Spirit to teach us the ways of God.

I can just hear Tevye singing, "TRADITION!" from  Fiddler on the Roof. He was a good example of how traditions can cause us to be close-minded.
Thus you have made the Word of God of no effect by your tradition. ~ Jesus Christ, as recorded in Matt. 15:6
Let's make sure that we don't allow traditional thinking to keep us from all that God has for us, as ascribed in His Word. God's Word is meant to renew minds; to transform us more and more into the imagine of Christ (Romans 12:2)  But, how can that happen, if our thinking is boxed-in by traditions?

May you allow The Holy Spirit show you what traditions have you boxed in, and may you give Him permission to remove the box and renew your mind.

OK. Back to the movie: PLAY!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Veronica Anderson said...

What a wonderful post! I loved the pausing the movie then playing the movie again thing. I felt like you woke me up to think then woke me up again to what you did! Love it!

Diane Ronzino said...

Aaww...thanks, Veronica! Glad you liked it!

Lolita said...

Yeah, Diane. I do that too, even without my mother showing it to me. When we were little, we live in a little shack with a large drawing room and a little bedroom without a bed, used for dressing and storing clothes and sleeping mats. We sleep in the drawing room under one big mosquito net, us kids between our grandma and grandpa. So our jammies would all go to that little room all folded up underneath out own pillows, stacked one after the other.

I only got my own bed when I started working. And never asked why I had to tack my jammy under my pillow which until now I still do. I reasoned that I do that to use the jammy again twice and have to be neatly folded when I do my bed (now mine and my partner's).

Anyway, thanks for showing us how often we can box traditions, which sometimes causes us to ignore biblical truths.

Beautifully written, D, and so eye-opener.

Lolita said...

And please give me the codes of your logo. Thanks.

Diane Ronzino said...

Lolita, thank you for sharing your childhood with us. It's so important for us to know of your culture and to get an image of what life is like for you in the Philippines. So, when you make your bed tomorrow and put your jammies under your pillow, hopefully, you will think of us!

I'll email you the code tomorrow. Thank you SO much for wanting to put it on your blog! I'm excited...thank you!

Betty said...

Goodness Diane I still tucked my jammies under my pillow...loved the "pause" also... good way to make us think "why" we do what we do. Sure want to be led by the Spirit...thanks my friend for the pause...yes yes yes I want your button and how did you make and get it on your blog...that was my next thing to ask my niece to help me with...hey we are expanding in this blog issue...we can do it...blessings

Pam said...

I echo what Veronica wrote... I enjoyed the clever way you wrote this, Diane! Great message...

Diane Ronzino said...

Morning, Betty and Pam! Thank you. So, Betty, you are still a jammie tucker? LOL.

Thanks, Betty, for wanting my button! WAHOO! It took me weeks and weeks to find a tutorial I could understand. I'll email you with the code and the link for the instructions later today.