Friday, February 3, 2012

Yeah for Web Cams

I'm working on my computer and while doing so, I'm watching a South African watering hole from a web cam set up on the game reserve.

Sometimes, I just have it playing in the background, listening to the sounds of elephants, antelope, or hyena's drink or play.  Right now it's daytime here in NY and nighttime in South Africa.  There are birds that sing and make calls in the night there.  At night you may not see an animal, but you can hear the stirring of the water.  Right now it sounds like something is bathing. Since I cannot see it  - I just hear the splashing of water - I assume it's a little creature. Under the cloak of darkness, I just heard a lion. She's probably waiting for her dinner to come and drink. Now, that I wouldn't want to see!

It stirs my soul and causes a smile to come on my face. Before you know it, I'm praising The LORD. I am so grateful for the technology that allows me to watch His creation in magnificent Africa from my computer in New York!

How does the song go? Give thanks with a grateful heart.

Thank You, thank You, Lord Jesus, for African web cams!

Is there anything unique that you are thankful for today?  Please share it.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


~ Mel said...

that's so cool Di. Sounds like a little bit of heaven on earth. I was thanking God on the way home from work for my relationship with him, which is unique from any other:)

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Amen, Melanie! Amen!

Lolita said...

How nice it is to be able to see live broadcast from another (far away) place like the African jungle. I just don't know how to hook up on those. What I am admiring is how you love Africa. Your heart seems to connect to this great big Nation which got a multitude of people needing love and assistance. God has given you a big loving heart to care for them.

I was thanking God for my trip to another island in Central Philippines I just visited to review their funds and how they used it for the sponsored kids of World Help Organisation. We had a 2 hour land trip to the west coast and when we arrived there, there was no boat to take us across to this island. When we left it was sunny and upon arrival it was stormy. We have to spend the night in the mainland (west coast). We had time to visit another church. Then in the morning the weather was sunny and clear so we went on the 2nd boat out. We stayed for 2 days in the island. Everything went well and the weather going home was fine. God is my God of travelling mercy and safe voyage. I thank God for that as well as the fruitful visit.

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, Yes, Lolita! I'm grateful as well that He gave you safe voyage! Hallelujah!

Here is the link to the web cam I watch. There is a zebra on there now:

Pam said...

I love how God puts certain places and people in our hearts, even when we've never been there. For me, England has always been in my heart for some reason... such natural beauty there along with quaint architecture etc. Love the islands of Hawaii, so that's how I imagine Lolita's island too... vibrantly green hills and gorgeous sea.

Diane Ronzino said...

Yes, that's how I envision Lolita's homeland as well! Maybe one day we'll be able to take a trip there to meet her, wouldn't that be awesome?!

"It could happen..." (from Angels in the Outfiled)

Betty said...

I miss the sounds of Papua New Guinea...the birds, the ocean waves, the people in the village chopping on a tree, coconut fallings,,, and at night it's the same as Africa, it comes alive with so many sounds but I was always glad i did not have to walk in the dark...felt safe sitting on our porch just listening to them. i will have to see if I can do the same things with that site only get PNG.

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, I can imagine what you miss - it was your life for so long. Let me know if you get a PNG webcam.

Lolita said...

Thanks for the link, Diane. I am AM and the cam looks to be in the night time. This is Monday morning here in the Philippines.

And yes, maybe you could visit me and my islands..... who knows? Or I might visit NY.