Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Joy Can Come From a Click!

I learned from a wise-hearted woman today. Her name is Betty.  She gave me the courage to "click".

I've wanted a new look for my blog for quite some time now.  I've been looking around at other blogs to see what I like; checking out the blog designers, etc.  But, in the meantime, I figured I could just try another template with Blogger.  For about two weeks, everyday - sometimes more than once a day - I'd go through the whole change-the-template procedures. I'd come to the final "click to save". And I couldn't do it.

Fear stared me in the face.

As one who is definitely challenged in these web things, I figured if it got screwed up somehow, I'd be sunk.

In the wee hours this morning, I visited Betty's blog.


She had a new look to her blog! And in BOLD, DEEP, VIBRANT RED!

Somehow, COURAGE overtook the fear and I went right to it.

And I "clicked".

Yah!  I hope you like the pastel-ish shades.  I do like the BOLD, DEEP, VIBRANT RED, though!  WAHOO!  Go Betty!

Thank you, dear Betty.  You are a true pioneer!

Because of Him And Unto Him,


Betty said...

I do believe my sister I am coming of age...first ownership of my age resulted in not coloring my hair anymore. The white hair brought complement after complements first from the Papua New Guinean's, they thought I was beautiful. After arriving home with my white hair I got the same comments, Betty we love your hair. A couple young (late 30, early 40) men at our church even used the phrase, Miss Betty you look hot. (now that one threw me but in 2012 that means you really look nice.) I tell you all this to say, I have been bolder then I have ever been with colors...love reds and ocean blues...so I on purpose wear these colors. I am a lover of complements. So thank you my encouraging friend for your compliments on my changing blog. Still not sure I will keep it this way but it is sort of fun playing around with it. I was going for a banner type picture like yours across the top but then found that heart. Still need someone to sit with me to put some finish touches to it. You honor me in writing of me challenging you. I am inspired to click away, watch out blog world. Blessings

Diane Ronzino said...

Oh, I'm laughing...and for THAT, thank you!

In Jesus, Christ, we are BOLD as lions! WAHOO!

Lolita said...

This one resonates so much. Back in 2008, I had my first account with Multiply, a social network which allows users to personalise their own web page. I learned CSS and to make themes for Multiply. It became an outlet for me, sort of a theraphy and something to keep me busy. Then I learned digital scrapbooking. I thought way back, in my age, have I become a web geek? No, of course not, because if has led me to so many inspiring blogs like yours, Diane.

So, go, go, go......I too, love vibrant colours. And I like this pastel-ish new skin you have.

Betty said...

Lolita...I need your computer, blogging skills...digital scrapbooking, I am impressed.

Lolita said...

@ Betty: Betty, you can buy a simple ACDSee Photo Editor. Mine was bought by my brother from NY. My mom and youngest brother who is a Nurse, are now living in NY. I think, maybe, they are close to where Diane lives.

IT is so simple unlike Photoshop. It has a very user-friendly program which allows you to edit your photots, make scrapbooks or cards. It is useful because nowadays, our photos are mostly stored on-line or in our PCs. Nothing beats the real traditional scrapbooking though, but the digital one has less hassles and no mess. You can search for elements for free on websites too. Or some sell their elements for a few dollars.

Go, Betty, I encourage you. GBU!

Pam said...

I like this look a lot! Pretty and soothing. Love the bird motif on the borders.

Diane Ronzino said...

Lolita, that's so cool all that you've done on computers. I never heard of digital scrapbooking. It sounds so creative!

And thank you, Lolita and Pam! I do love birds!

Pam said...

There's something about white that makes it clean and easy to read too! :)