Thursday, February 23, 2012


Introducing: Compassion @ Work

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my friend's blog, Compassion @ Work. Lolita is Filipino - from the other side of this planet.  God led her to my blog via Pam's blog, Writing...Apples of Gold and it has been a Divine Appointment in my life. Her writing touches my heart deeply. I've learned and grown just from her comments.

Lolita is deeply spiritually mature, and writes eloquently; and she just released her first post.  I hope you will take some time and go on over and encourage her.  If you hunger for the deeper things of God, you won't want to miss her wisdom, insights into God's Nature and dealings with us, and humble, gentle spirit.

I do believe she could be a Divine Appointment in your life as well!

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Pam said...

I agree, Diane! Lolita's words are filled with insight and a humble spirit... I look forward to her posts.

Diane Ronzino said...

Me too!

Lolita said...

Oh, my two sweetest spiritual cyber friends. Diane, you surprised me. I did not expect such introduction and since you have made me your divine appointment, I could never "retreat nor surrender." I meant it to be a quiet launching. But thanks a lot for that..... I have now to summon all the courage in this frail form of mine.... to search for words and be pushed by the Holy Spirit....and get down and pen them.


Lolita said...


Diane, if even there may come words... as they come tumbling down....I say that may sound a bit condescending or might be offending.... Please, please say so that it would be a learning to me. It may be that our way of saying it in Filipino that is different from American tongue. Thanks you, because I might become a fair "encourager with God's blessing" by your leading.

Diane Ronzino said...

I understand, Lolita. There can be misunerstanding from one culture to another. I give you my word, if you also will do the same for me.

I will tell you a funny story:

Before my daughter moved to South Africa at age 19, Niel (who is from and still lives in South Africa and years later became her husband) was in the USA. Alece had already made plans to go to SA. So, we invited Niel to come to our home and leave for SA from NY, this way we could ask our ton of questions about the country, the culture, the ministry work she would be doing, etc. Alece was only 18 at the time.

We live by the beach and she and Niel took a walk down there. Later, as she was telling me of their conversations, she mentioned that he held her hand. The "mamma bear" in me came out thinking he was taking advantage of her. So, I sat him down before he left our home to "straighten him out". He assured me that he didn't mean anything by it - his culture is such that everyone holds hands when talking or walking, even men with men.

So, I surely understand how different cultures can interpret things differently.

Betty said...

It's so encouraging to read of your love for those without Christ.

I too understand how being from a different culture can be misunderstood. We even find that in each of us from a different state. The past two weeks we have been in meetings with some from different minsitries and some from different states, often we had to laugh at how one understood something said differently because of being, say from the south verses thoses from the north west. When I meet someone from California I try to gleam all I can so we will not be offensive to those who are pure California's and proud of it. I remember meeting with a young women who along with her husband were heading over seas to live. Her fear was more from the missionaries misunderstanding her then the Papua New Guinean. She said, they think California's are all air heads. It was a real eye opener to me and has caused me to be more sensitive to not be offensive.
How blessed we are to ALL have the same Savior to go to and He never misunderstands us. But here, we are often misunderstood and it is one of the greatest burden we Christian carry.
Well I am hoping you are not offended becauseI wrote so much...sometime one thought leads to another then another and where I land...I am landing now. Blessing my wise hearted sister.

Lolita said...

Oh, Diane....and Betty. I am blessed that I am understood, I go to so much care to reread my pen before I click, because sometimes I tend to speak like we do here in Central Philippines (we are used to shortening words and broken sentences). perhaps I do the same in English because I am typing too fast.

Betty, that too, is one of my blessing at the same time shortcoming. There are people who like brief and precise messages or letters..... but we are in the same shoe.... one thought leads to another... then I realise that I am writing already a novel or a sermon. (laughing)

Thanks for your stories, dears. They are so amusing and all about language barriers.

I even envy American humor.... I don't understand a lot but wish I do.

Diane Ronzino said...

Isn't it amazing how we are getting to know one another? Oh, thank You, Jesus!!!

Lolita said...

Amazing, yes, wonderfully so. I could call it a miracle.