Monday, November 14, 2011

One Shoe Can Change Your Life!

As the evening climaxed, Cinderella thought she may be dreaming.  For a few hours, her life was transformed.  As the Prince whisked her around the dance floor to the envy of every aristocratic woman awaiting her chance to dance with him, she felt beautiful and experienced joyful bliss. Dare I even dream that the Prince will pick me as his wife? she breathlessly wondered. All things are possible, her gleeful mind assured her. Her bliss was jarred as her mind picked up the sound of the clock striking midnight. Oh, no! I knew this was too good to last, she sobbed as she ran back home. Misfortune is my lot in life. Who am I to expect anything different?

Back in the old familiar place she knew as home, Cinderella quickly fell into despair. She assumed she lost it all - the prince, the castle, the magical lifestyle. With no token of the surreal ball, and back under the tyranny of her circumstances, Cindy fell into hopelessness and self-pity. I don't even have my glass shoes to pretend dance with. As time wore on, she began to think, All things really aren't possible. She resigned herself to this unhappy life and dancing with only an old, dirty mop for the rest of her life. Despondent at life's cruelty, she no longer allowed herself to imagine dancing with the Prince, let alone being his wife and living in the castle. I will never be free from this bondage that enslaves me!  Her bitter disappointment caused her ability to imagine herself living in any other manner to shut down.


and seemingly out of nowhere...

there came a knock on the door...

"Anyone missing a glass shoe?"

As the Prince's attache slipped the missing shoe on Cinderella's foot, he knew this one shoe was going to change everything in her life.  As he explained why he was seeking the woman who fit the shoe, hope began to arise within her heart again - hope that she could have a better life, a bright future. It took a seemingly insignificant item - one lost shoe - to bring about restoration and positive change in Cinderella's life. And, as we all know, Cinderella's story had a fairytale ending!

In Scripture, there are many references to God moving suddenly in a situation.  He does restore and bring positive change in our lives, just not always in our timing. We may feel like we're at the midnight hour and that we are losing the strength to keep believing, but suddenly, God will peform the miraculous.
"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you", says the LORD, "thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."                  ~ Jeremiah 29:11
So keep imagining, keep believing, because when you least expect it - suddenly - something as simple as one missing shoe can change your life.

Because of Him and Unto Him

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