Saturday, October 15, 2011

God's Hello

I've been stuck on my couch for two days now.  I injured the muscle behind my right knee. It's excruciating to walk, so I lay here on the couch with ice as my companion, bored out of my mind. But, my living room is aglow as the sunbeams dance across my hardwood floor.  It is as if joy is streaming in through the large picture window and two french doors of my living room to brighten my spirits.

This is a stained glass piece
I have on my dining room window
Today is a beautiful, crisp, clear, breezy - typical Long Island - fall day. The kind of day that makes me want to go for a walk and bask in the sights, sounds, and smells of fall; the kind of day that can set my soul free. But, here I lay.

From my couch-view, I've watched the trees outside begin to change hue since yesterday morning. Every now and then a yellow or orange leaf, gently spiraling and swirling to the ground, catches my eye. My attention is drawn to the leaves waving in the breeze. It is as if God had Creation wave hello to this lonely, couch-bound soul, letting me know I'm not forgotten.

Thank You, Father, for sending me this beautiful day and your note of hello. 


Pam said...

Trees... seems like we are both on the same wavelength again! :) Nice images, Diane. Your home sounds lovely. Hardwood floors, picture window, and FRENCH DOORS. Sigh. Most of the homes in my neighborhood have french doors, but the woman who had this home built didn't opt for them. Praying you are feeling better!

Diane said...

Thanks for your prayers, Pam. I'm better this morning. Going to face the chiro this morning.