Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Transformation of Mousy-Me

Do you believe that songs can be prophetic?

Ever since I was young girl and unsaved, God has used music and songs to encourage and strengthen me; to help me discover what I believed in; and the desire to go on when all desire seemed gone.  I would sing those certain kind of songs with gusto and conviction; belting them out into my hair-brush microphone.  Something would change inside of me, because I believed the words of the songs. Sometimes, it would require replaying the song over and over 10 times in a row, until that "something" clicked in me. But, it finally would.  "Death and life are in the power of the tongue", it says in Proverbs 18:21.  And I was singing "life words" over myself without even realizing it.

One such song was Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Waters.  In my junior and senior years of high school, it became my mantra.  That song, literally saved my life during very desperate moments, because I would play it, repeatedly, until the words did that "something" inside of me.  I believed God was the Bridge and He sailed right next to me. I believed I was the Silver Girl (despite the fact that I didn't feel anything close to that glorious). When I'd sing that song, it was like very cell in my being was singing, believing, and transforming.  When I would get to the last stanza, I would close my eyes, stand up straight and tall with my head back (as if caught in the wind), with my arms stretched out straight at my sides (like the scene in Titanic - but this was way before that movie came out), and allow the music and lyrics to sail me away from my reality.

Sail on Silver Girl (Yes, I'll be the Silver Girl)
Sail on by  (I'll come out of this storm into smooth sailing)
Your time has come to shine  (Mousy-me, shine?!  Yes, one day I will!)
All your dreams are on their way (One day they will come)
See how they shine (Shine!)

With all the conviction in me, I'd sing that last stanza and believe.  One day, my time will come to shine.

Health for the whole man -
spirit, soul, and body
FAST FORWARD many years of my life.  Joe and I were Assistant Pastor's in our church.  The Pastor recognized my teaching gift and sometimes offered me the privilege of teaching from the pulpit. I had just finished writing a Holy Spirit inspired, 26-week course entitled Health for Life for the Body of Christ. Pastor asked me to take the 26-week course and narrow it down to an hour's teaching for a Sunday morning service.  I was in my element.  I am a teacher and now I got to teach something that was virtually a part of my soul.

Sitting alone in the Lord's Presence before the service, I rested in His peace.  Suddenly, almost audibly, I heard the last stanza to Bridge Over Troubled Waters in my heart. I stood up and started quietly singing.  I postured my body just as I used to do when I was a teenager.  As soon as I finished singing, I knew this was the moment I had sung about so long ago: my time had come to shine; I was the Silver Girl, and I was sailing on. I wept and thanked God. What an awesome, Divine moment that was for me.  I knew in that moment that this was His Divine plan - almost as if He had this exact moment in time in mind when, as a 16-year old, He kept me motivated to keep walking one step in front of the other, through the prophetic words of this song. He already knew this day; and in that moment and for the next few years, I was sailing!

The teaching was very anointed that day and well received.  Shortly thereafter, I began two back-to-back twenty-six week courses and then two thirteen week courses for the church body. Students in the courses were from all backgrounds in life.  But, men and women were physically healing from various illnesses as they changed eating habits. And they were able to change some of those habits because they were healing emotionally from various traumas, which were the triggers for unhealthy eating habits to begin with. They applied the Word and the nutritional knowledge they gained and it brought forth health in their lives.

The week following that Sunday, I typed out the last stanza of Bridge Over Troubled Waters, dated it and framed it, then hung it in my office. No one ever knew the miraculous soul transformation that took place that Sunday morning, except my Heavenly Father. And He already knew - about 30 years earlier.

I'd love to how songs or music have impacted your life.  Please share.

Because of Him and Unto Him


wordglow said...

I love how music speaks into our lives, and your story is beautiful. I always thought of the bridge in that song as being the Lord,and wondered what S&G had in mind when they wrote it. So many songs have spoken into my heart since I was a child. Christmas music, of course. I wrote about one of those on my blog (Majesty - part one). And all of A Williams recordings... he recorded so many of the popular hits, like Bridge, that I played over and over. In fact, the one album that I nearly wore out was his "raindrops are falling on my head album" which had Bridge on it. On the second side, the entire side was one continuous medley that told a story. The music was so gorgeous, I could not get enough of it, even though the storyline was sort of sad. I wouldn't say the words were "life" to me, but that music certainly was. The first part of it was life... It starts out with a man singing, "When I was a little boy, my mother said to me... see the newborn roses grow, they're a pretty sight to see. You my son, shall blossom, like the flowers below. I will be your raindrops. You will" (Always loving that intro, I have used those words numerous times along with a drawing of a little girl cuddling a baby, and drawn it for first time mom gifts. The words also remind me of what the Lord says to us. He is our raindrops. We are his rose.) The song goes on to talk about gone are the playground days when fun was the buddies you loved down the street and pain was no cookies or root beer to drink...and then melds into lost love. It ends with another favorite of mine, Both sides now. Very poetic, very beautiful music that always stirred my heart. I think now it probably spoke to me because of all the hard times we went thru with my brother during those years too... Anyway, I could go on and on about music. So many songs the Lord speaks into my circumstances at different times. For example, I've even thought of "Love Story" as being the Lord talking to me... Thanks for the beautiful post...

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing, Pam! I love what you wrote about The Lord being the raindrops and us, His roses. Sigh.....beautiful!