Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer Solstice

A very gifted poet treats us with his deep, moving poetry at the Writer's Workshop I attend once a month.  Last month, Bill, read his spur-of-the-moment poem he penned quickly during our class.  We asked him to read it a second time.  It touched all of us our class and it is my pleasure to share Summer Solstice with you.  Although you won't have the pleasure of hearing him read it, I share with you his written work. May his words cause you to deeply breathe in the last days of summer.

The words of Bill Brandell about himself:
I enjoy writing what inspires me most, generally anything to do with nature; and although I'm not religious, I am deeply spiritual and believe in many faiths.  I actually know the Our Father and Hail Mary in Aramaic (the language spoken by Jesus), which was a goal of mine to achieve.
I started writing only about a year ago and I do so for two main purposes; one, because of its therapeutic value and two, perhaps I may inspire others with my work.  Since I was a child, English literature has always been a favorite. However, in the last year I've really indulged into the works of Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Khalil Gibran, and many more.  Quite a few people have told me I have a "gift".  However, I tend to be modest and say, "It is only because of my faith and spiritualism that assists my pen once it hits the paper."  Perhaps one day, I will be able to possibly have my work published, as this would be more of a dream than a goal. 
Summer Solstice
by Wm Brandell

When the hot summer wind came ushering in I was thankful to my friend spring.  Out of any of the seasons, this one makes me feel like a king for some of these few reasons:

Rays showered by the sun conceive seeds of beauty in Mother Nature's womb.  Towards the end of June, before it's beginning, most of all her foliage has now bloomed.

On the fourth-of-July majestic displays light up the night sky. It's amazing to see the cares and worries of all dissolve away off the reflection of their eyes.

Warm sand, the sound of thunder in the waves, and the smell of salt; there's this mystical power of these grand breaches that brings life to a grinding halt!

From the stillness in the heat, to the symphony of insects singing as they dance under the moonlight in a rhythmic beat, for this is the sound of summer speaking.  

Yes, I take advantage of the summer season for as fast as it is here, it will be a whisper in the wind.  Before you know it, fall has come, hence the reason of what brought her to its end.  

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