Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Edges and Whispers

I grew up in a home where jigsaw puzzles were a part of our furniture.  There was always one spread out on the dining room table or the table in our TV room. Life revolved carefully around the puzzles.  Painstakingly, my mother would sit for hours finding matching piece upon matching piece.  For her, this was serious business and she loved the project from beginning to end. But, all I wanted was to see was the end result - the finished picture.  I would enjoy helping with the edges, but after that I didn't have much patience to sit and concentrate. Sometimes, I would find a piece that went inside the border of the puzzle and gleefully put it in it's proper place. Mom would look up at me in frustration because my "gleefulness" would break her concentration. So, I learned early on, if I want to sit with Mommy and help her with her puzzle, I could only allow myself a whisper of excitement at my find.

One of the key things I learned about doing jigsaws from Mom is that you always do the edges of the puzzles first. Always. The theory is once the border was set, the interior was easier to complete. Recently, I got a new app on my Apple laptop - Jigsaws Galore.  I now sit, with intense concentration, working on jigsaw puzzles.  First things first, I find the edges. Always. I do think it makes the rest of the puzzle easier.  If the phone rings or the dogs bark breaking my concentration, I find myself saying, "Shh!"  Oh, if only they could whisper!

All this came from reading this Scripture today:
Indeed these are the mere edges of His ways, and how small a whisper we hear of Him!” (Job 26:14)

This Scripture jumped out at me and so I read all of Job twenty-six's fourteen verses.  I can see why Moses declared we only know the mere edges of God and that we only hear as a whisper of what He has to say.  It's funny - although my spirit received the Word as I meditated on it, this Scripture brought me back to a childhood memory.  Nothing profound, just a good memory. Oh for sure, these are truly only mere edges of His ways. And this fond memory only a whisper of what He wants to say to me.

I hope this Scripture speaks something more profound to you.  If it does, please share it with me.

Because of Him and Unto Him


wordglow said...

I never saw that verse before. It reminds me of something I heard Beth Moore say last night... How much could God really speak to us if we would really give Him all of our listening ear? Good post.


Diane said...

Yes, isn't it amazing all we miss out on because we just aren't tuned in or don't take the time to truly listen. He speaks in a "still, small voice". Do you get Beth Moore on TV?

wordglow said...

Yes, I see her on James Robison's TV show. She's on every Wed - but only for about 15 minutes. They show it on several stations at various times...