Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seeing God Through the Fog

It's a perfect-weather, crystal clear morning on the beach a couple of blocks from my house. The air is unusually sweet and humid free, causing me to take in deep breaths and let out long sighs. Connecticut looks so close - like you can reach out and touch its shoreline - even though it's 22 miles across the Sound. It is a beautiful morning to worship The LORD. I walk and sing songs of thanksgiving, letting all my cares roll out to sea with each gentle ebb of the tide, leaving me feeling light and burden-free.

Because I was concentrating on God, I hadn't noticed that Connecticut was becoming shrouded in the mystery of a sudden fog. Suddenly, my eyes were drawn to Connecticut's shoreline. Gasp! With our neighboring state now undercover, the billows of fog start inching their way across the Sound straight for Long Island's shore where I was enjoying the Presence of God.

With my gasp, I allow my attention and all my senses to be diverted to the incoming fog. What does it mean?! Is there a storm coming?  I let what I see and hear dictate my thoughts.  A moment ago, I was peaceful and calm; but now, white caps are dotting the sea over on Connecticut's side and those dots are growing into angry waves on the New York side. So, my thoughts are no longer peaceful and full of thanksgiving.  Now they are anxious-filled and self-centered.

The fog is moving in closer to me.  The wind is kicking around my head and I start to shiver.  Maybe I should run home?  Will there be thunder and lightening?  Will the storm cause the tide to rush in higher leaving no beach to get home on?

Looking around, I'm as alone as I was before, but my peace and worshipful heart seems to have escaped with the oncoming weather.  I let the "impending storm" take my heart off of Jesus.  How quick I let circumstances cause me to stop being thankful! How quick my mind raced with thoughts of, "What if..."  In my head, I was already picturing the storm of storms.

"Peace.  My peace I give unto you", God's Word interrupts my anxious heart. I decide to sit and wait a little bit, but keep my eyes and ears on the "signs" written on the water - instead of Heaven.  I hunkered down into the sand and wrapped my arms around my legs to keep warm as the wet fog engulfed me. In a matter of minutes fog had overtaken the sunshine and fear my peace. Lord, am I stupid for staying here?!  

So, it is in life.  One minute we're at peace and full of faith to climb any mountain Satan would put in our path. The next minute we allow ourselves to become engulfed in fear's fog. We become fearful when we cannot "see" what is around us or ahead of us.  God's love, protection, grace, healing, and delivering power is still here. I just may not be seeing it clearly because my eyes are on the fog that has rolled in. However, if I allow faith to be faith, it will be evident when the fog finally lifts. Worshipful, thankful hearts keep our eyes on Jesus and His Word even through the patches of fear-laced fog.

As suddenly as the fog rolled in, it was rolling down the beach toward the east.  Sun rays broke through, as if Heaven's gateway was opening for God to speak, "See, Diane? Fear was for naught. No storm, just some fog.  See the lights on the Connecticut side?  Soon, the Connecticut horizon will be crystal clear again. Trust Me."

When fear comes billowing in to engulf us, the plan is to cause our eyes to be diverted from Jesus and His Promises to us and our circumstances. But, if we hunker down and allow faith to be faith within us, we will "see" the Hand of God move, no matter how dense the fog might get. The sun will come shining through once again.  Peace and calm will be restored because God is God of His Word.  He does not lie, nor twist or turn.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. In that we can have trust and give thanks no matter how foggy the weather might be.

Because of Him and Unto Him


wordglow said...

Beautiful correlation, Diane! And so true... Today is a beautiful day here, too, in answer to our prayers... Thanks!


Diane said...

Wahoo for the "lake effect" in Michigan! Andrew and I always joke about that with the weather. May your heart be a sunny as the day! Thanks for reading!