Thursday, August 11, 2011

Empty But Full

There was an empty chair at Bible study today.  One of the senior citizens is going to be stepping through Heaven's glorious threshold soon now and she is totally prepared to do so. Marie is ready spiritually, plus she took care of arrangements in the natural.  She made her funeral plans and lined up people who will take care of her home and help her husband of over 50 years cope with life without her.  What strength...what love!

Marie has been battling the ravages of chemotherapy for a year or so. But, she has been an ever faithful, joyful presence at our weekly group.  Nothing has stopped Marie from coming to learn about God's Word, nor from smiling and blessing us with laughter - until today.  Others in the group reported that Marie has "taken to her bed" and Hospice is now tending to her.

Marie is a special, much-loved woman. Up until very recently she actively served her church, community, and her family. Her servanthood was the natural flow of the river of love in her heart for Jesus. (She reminds me very much of my wonderful mother-in-law.) So, today we prayed for Marie once again - this time for her journey Home and for the family she will be leaving behind.

Her empty chair was a strong reminder that we need to be ready to meet God, which "just so happened" was the topic of our study today. Together we shared tears and laughed with joy talking of of Marie's servanthood, family, and the joy and peace she had in Jesus. The joy of The LORD truly has been the strength of her life and her love for God's Word a testament to her faith.

Marie is giving up her chair at our Bible study. But, she is on the brink of getting her recompense from living a life of love and servanthood unto Jesus.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in Heaven. ~Jesus Christ, as recorded in Matthew 5:12
Oh, the expectancy of what it will be like for her...we can only imagine!

Because of Him and Unto Him

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