Friday, July 15, 2011

The Undercover Nun

We were the first three to arrive at the writer's class.  On my right sat a big woman, whose build reminded me very much of my German Grandma.  My initial assessment of her was that  she was a type-A personality.  She seemed bold and authoritative, with a loud personality.  But, there was a glow about her and as she spoke, she did so with an assuring smile.  I knew then there was something special about this new student.  Jean told us her name and followed it  with "I'm an undercover nun".  The other woman and I laughed.  I wonder what she meant by that?  As each student arrived, she would tell them her name followed by, "I'm an undercover nun".  Everyone had the same reaction - laughter.  I  wonder if they wondered what she meant by that?

Finally, Jean explained to the class that she is a nun, but when she is not dressed in her habit, she considers herself "undercover".  One of the other writers replied, "I don't like nuns.  I went to Catholic school and they scared me."  Sister Jean, with her broad smile, leaned toward her and said with grace, "I never liked them either.  They use to scare me!"  The room burst into laughter.  Maybe it was nervous laughter, as none of us really knew how to  take this outspoken nun.  Her humor broke downs any walls of intimidation we may have had before she even let us know that she was a real nun.

Sister Jean verbally shared a few of her humorous stories with us.  Oh, did we laugh!  We all encouraged her to write her stories, but she declared herself to be a storyteller, not a writer.  It was obvious that telling stories with humor is her gifting - even her facial expressions and body language were a part of her story.

It was time to write.  Silence blanketed the room as we all put pens to paper.  I couldn't help but notice that Sister Jean was writing feverishly.  See, she can write! We took turns reading our quickie masterpieces. With anticipation, I waited to hear Sister Jean's written story.  Will it  be as good as if she were telling it?  She read her story in her own special style of communication.  We erupted with laughter.

At 73, Sister Jean is a remarkable Servant of The Lord. She is definitely an atypical nun whose gifting, in part, is humor. God has used her in many ways over the years - through teaching, counseling, and helping the downtrodden.  I think God bestowed humor upon Sister Jean as a way to truly minister Life to those she comes in contact with.  God says that a merry heart does good like medicine (Prov. 17:22).  How desperately this world needs God's medicine!  Last Saturday's meeting of Sister Jean was a Divine Appointment, as I was in desperate need of God's medicine!  Isn't it amazing how God magnificently uses people from all walks of life and personalities for the sole purpose of teaching, encouraging, and strengthening each another?
But, there are differences of gifts, but the same Spirit.  And there are differences of ministries, but the same Lord.  And there are differences of workings, but the same God working all things in all.  But, to each one is given the showing forth of the Spirit to our profit.  ~ I Corth. 12:4-7 
Sister Jean and I walked out of the class together. We had encouraging words for each  other in regard to our writing, then we hugged goodbye. I hope she will come back next month.  I turned and started toward the exit.  In the background, I could hear someone laugh.  I knew Sister Jean was doing her thing.  I almost shouted back over my shoulder, "She's an undercover nun!"

But, I restrained myself.  After all, we were in a library.

Because of Him an Unto Him


Andrew Ronzino said...

Haha! This post made me laugh, Mom! That's great! I like the pictures of the nuns you put up! Sister Jean sounds like a wonderful person!

Diane said...

Thanks, Andrew! Thanks for commenting! I love you!