Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doing What Jesus Would Do

I have friends - truly my family - who inspire me to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ.  They don't just talk "the talk", they walk the talk.

For over twenty years, I've watched Bettye and her daughter, Keisha, fight the good fight of faith.  I've witnessed their joy and peace in ungodly circumstances.  I and my family, as well as countless others, have benefited from their warring, prayerful lifestyle.  I've seen miracles because of them, and I see the Hand of God move continuously because they persevere in faith and stand on His Word.

They are an inspiration because they are examples of unconditional love and forgiveness. When it would be so easy - and so common place - to forget someone and move on without them, they have kept an arm's-distance relationship going with an ungodly man, who had abandonded them and hurt them continuously over many years. David is in Heaven tonight because of Bettye and Keisha's unconditional love.  Over the years, they repeatedly spoke with David about The Lord - right up to his dying moments.  They cared more about his salvation than they did their own hurts. They never gave up. They never walked away from him like he had done to them. They just kept forgiving, forgetting, and praying for him.  They did what Jesus would do.

Bettye and Keisha have shown me Jesus Christ in Christendom, where it's hard to distinguish Him in the church these days.  "What would Jesus do?" is not a catch-phrase, but a true way of life for Bettye and Keisha. Because they put God's Word above their own natural desires, a man is in Heaven today; and those of us who know them, get to witness the real-deal. We get to see Love in action and the powerful impact of forgiveness.

May God use their testimony in life-changing ways - softening the hardest of hearts.

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Pam said...

Yes... "living letters" :) Thanks for sharing about them.