Thursday, April 14, 2011


It is with great pleasure that I have my first guest author.  I met Rosemary Piacenti at a writer's class I took at the library.  When Rosemary read her piece in our class, I knew that I wanted to share it.  She graciously accepted my invitation.  Unfortunately, you don't get to hear her read her essay.  It was a blessing for me to actually listen to Rosemary's written words.  Thank you, Ro, for sharing you essay!

Here is Rosmary's piece entitled Spirit:

Spirit is that magical part of us or what I'd like to call "essence".  It is what drives us, holds us together, and connects us to each other and the world around us.

Every one's spirit is different.  Some people can walk in the room and instantly change the dynamics.  We often say that person has charisma. But, you've met them - they are alive, vibrant, and filled with verve that is electrifying.

There are some of us - others who like to keep our spirit in check.  Controlled.  Like an oyster protects its pearl.  We hide it, ignore it, and neglect it.  We fear it, for it leaves us vulnerable. But, each one of us has a magical, spiritual part that is brilliant.

This isn't an essay on faith, although people with strong faith tap into their spirit.  It comes from a strength that is not tangible or measurable.  It just is and can develop and blossom when nurtured.

Things have a spirit too.  There is a spirit in the mountains, the fields, the clouds, and the earth.  The Native Americans knew of this spirit.  They had a keen awareness of the spirit within themselves and within the earth around them. They knew to listen, watch, and hear the spiritual realm surrounding them.

Layers upon layers of civilization, acculturation, and domestication have encouraged us all to ignore the wellspring of this blessed gift.  It comes from our souls, it comes from our ancestors, and it comes from our genes.  But, how magnificent it could be if we were encouraged to nurture and develop it instead of stifling it.

We see glimpses of our spirit.  While we're driving somewhere and think about the time we tried skiing and kept sliding down on our butts, and start to laugh.  In the car, alone, our funny bone was tickled.  That was the spirit reminding us to relax and lighten up.  There was a mom who told me she was having a really bad day; everything was going wrong.  The kids were disagreeable, the washer broke, and the dog ate a frozen steak.  Well, by 3:00 she had had it!  She went to the cupboard to grab a shot of whiskey and wouldn't you know it, it spilled down the front of her shirt!  Maybe, that was the spirit saying, sit back, relax, and take some time.  My Grandma spent hours sitting at her front window restoring her spirit by watching the women sweep their steps, the kids play, and the men walk passed.

This winter was horrendous, some might say!  The cold, the snow...But, I like to look at it as the spirit of the seasons telling us to stay in and hunker down, spend time nurturing and connecting to those people and things that are important to you.  If it's fishing you love, crocheting, or writing, do it!  It connects you to your soul, your essence - to who you are spiritually meant to be - a person who notices the gifts, the smells, the colors, the fantasies, the textures, the sights, and the sounds of a living, vibrant world!

Women are often given credit for becoming more in tune with their spirit.  We are said to have "intuition".  There was a book about the celestial moment teaching that when you think of someone or something, you should act upon it.

Today, we hear more and more about meditation.  But, this is little more than giving time to your spirit.  Where is your favorite spot?  When do you give yourself time to do nothing?  It's not really doing nothing; it's giving time a voice to your inner self.

Take time to just be - to nurture your spirit.  It will change your life dramatically.  After all, what would an orange be, if it were just the pith and the peel?

copyright Rosemary Piacenti 2011

Rosemary Piacenti "is a graduate from Long Island University. I live happily in my home with two of my four children and husband of 29 years.  I am currently working as a family counselor, which is the most recent position of a varied career path.  I write as a way to self-counsel, grow, and share what has been the greatest gift of all - my life!"