Sunday, April 3, 2011

Morning Rituals

Our two dogs usually wake me up each morning. Kodak, the young collie, comes over and "sings" to me and when I stir, he "kisses" me all over.  However, before he ever greets me, he has already greeted Rockit, our son's older dog.  Kodak is an early riser; Rockit can sleep her life away. So, Kodak stands over her kissing her all over her face until she finally responds with kisses back to him.  Once in a while, Rockit just continues to lie in her bed, but for the most part, she will join Kodak in kissing me good morning.  I love waking up to such a love-greeting.

After my loves arouse my senses, my heart immediately goes to God.  Good morning, Abbie; good morning, Jesus; good morning, Holy Spirit. I acknowledge the triune Godhead. Then, I usually breathe in deeply, as if I were breathing in His Presence.  Somehow it gives me a sense that all is well.  I've held that practice for many years - actually since the book Good Morning, Holy Spirit came out.  My day just doesn't start off right if I've not acknowledged God. I know how it feels to walk into a room and not be acknowledged so I don't ever want to ignore His Presence in my life. After all, He is the most important Person in my life. Once I've said my good morning to God, I get out of bed because Kodak needs to go out.  It's time for the day to begin.  And no matter what the circumstance, my best Friend and the Companion of my soul are with me; therefore, it is a good morning!

I'd love to hear about your morning or nightime ritual with The Lord. Please share.

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