Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Thursday

Today is "Holy Thursday".  The day in which our Lord Jesus Christ made His entry into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. Arriving, He was being hailed King.  The streets were lined with supporters and the shouts of praises were deafening. It was on this the day that Jesus instituted what we now call The Last Supper, serving His 12 Disciples - His most trusted, beloved friends - for the very last time.

Afterward, Jesus spent many hours in the fiercest battle of his Life.  He went to The Garden of Gethsemane to pray. He was in complete agony thinking and praying about what His Father was asking Him to do (to be crucified - the most physically painful means of torture).  Jesus asked His Father if there was any other way for God's plan to succeed without Jesus' having to be tortured. In an anguish beyond comprehension, Jesus Christ sweat drops of blood.  Finally, after hours of wrestling with what lie ahead, Jesus was able to say to His Father, "Not My will, but Your will be done." It took hours for Him to bow His heart in submission to His Father, and in those hours, He needed the support of His friends.  He had asked them to watch and pray for Him.  Three times He found asleep.  He was abandoned by those He loved and had poured His life into for three years.  In the hours that He needed them most, Jesus was left all alone.

Then Judas, one of His Beloved 12, leads the procession to have Him arrested.  Judas not only pointed out who Jesus was, his "signal" to the guards would be a kiss.  Judas walks over to Jesus and kissed him. Once a sign of affection, it now become a sign of betrayal.  As they bound Jesus and took Him away, His friends scattered to wind - abandoned again by those He would entrust the spreading of The Gospel to.  All alone.  I'm sure this was a nighttime of the soul like no one had ever experienced before.

This was "Holy Thursday"...

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