Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Digger of My Soul

My in-ground sprinklers weren't working properly, so yesterday we had someone come and check them out.  It turns out a pipe, under last-year's-newly-installed fence post, was broke. Paul had to go on his knees and dig away the earth from around the concreate surrounding the fence post to locate the problem. He dug and dug until he found the actual broken pipe and then he repaired it.

I realize I'm not one to dig and dig.  I'm very results oriented.  I like to know the conclusion to matters. I read magazines from the back cover forward, I read the last few pages of a book before deciding to read it.  When watching a TV show - Dancing with the Stars for example - recorded on our Tivo, I just want to fast forward to the end. Tell me who got voted off!  Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy the show, because I do.  I just need to know the end result. That drives my husband crazy. It's strange, but I seem to be this way about most things, except when it comes to me, personally.

I have always allowed The Holy Spirit to dig up the fallow ground of my heart. I love the fact that He can go into my past and show me things or heal me of inner wounds.  He has dug deep into my soul, where no man would dare to go.
 Deep calls unto deep...Psalm 42:7 
Maybe because God is The One digging and I just benefit from the end result, that I am so willing for the depth of God's Heart to call unto my own.  He digs up the grubs and roots of trauma and He doesn't ever quit until there are beautiful "flowers" growing in that once ugly and broken place.

I am grateful for the broken sprinkler pipe as it reminded me of all the digging, plowing, and planting The Lord has done in my life. He truly has been the Repairer of the breachs within me. Hallelujah!



Claire Vorster said...

Funny how He uses everday life to talk to us Diane. When I weed, I think like this - how some roots are easy to pull up and some go so deep that all the ground must go before you can clean them out.

That's why He digs :)

Thanks for making me think, great post beautiful lady x


Diane said...

Thank you, Claire, for your encouraging words. I appeciate you and the time you take to comment!