Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Walk To Beautiful

I watched a short documentary yesterday on Netflix entitled A Walk To Beautiful and I was moved beyond words. I found myself groaning and a few times my breathe seemed to stop for a second or two.  Before the end of the documentary, I found myself saying, "I want to do something".  What I really wanted to do was hop a plane and go over there.

Poor, young women in Etheopia (many just very young teenagers) go into labor in their villages.  Their labor goes on and on for many days because they have no access to OB/GYNs.  They finally give birth to a dead baby. Due to the truama on the bodies from such long, intense labors, they get fistulas (a rip) in their bladder or bowels, causing constant leakage of urine and/or feces. The social stigma that prevails in their lives is heartbreaking, causing deep emotional scars.  These women endure hardships we know nothing about.  Woman who learn about Addis Abab Fistual Hospital walk days to get there to be cured.  Not only does this hospital operate to correct their fistulas, but allows them to stay to start their emotinonal healing.  This one little hospital helps just over a thousand women a year, but it is estimated that there are about 100,000 women who need corrective surgery in Etheopia.

Well, I guess I'm doing something by sharing their story.  There is a foundation in the US now to help the plight of our sisters in Africa.  Please watch the documentary.  I rented it on Netflix.  After you do, then go to and see how your donation can help these beautiful woman.  Please watch this short documentary first to see their scurge firsthand. I do believe it will impact you to action - humanity's helping hand.

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