Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tomorrow's Today

"Tomorrow" came today (you'd have to read my last post) and I am so blessed by the women of faith that I've had the privilege to know in my life.  Margaret is now one of them.  She read her story at our Bible study today.  I watched facial expressions respond to Margaret's words, as she masterfully drew a vivid picture of our Father as the Potter of her life.  She drew us close to her heart through her written words, but more than that she caused the women to see that we are God's workmanship.

Together we shared The Word, Margaret's story, and Hillsong's song, The Potter's Hand (one of my very favorites).  But, we share so much more than that.  We are bonded together as a sisterhood, because we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  And, today, the sisterhood became engrafted with Margaret as they listened to an exquisitely written, small piece of one sister's memoir. We praised our Master Potter for molding our lives into what they are and for melding us all together.  
It's good to be this age in life - 28 years of loving and serving my Lord. And one thing I'm sure of after today: our stories need to be written down. They are our legacies as to the testament of God's goodness and love; His miracles in our lives.  I pray Margaret keeps on writing her memoir, and I pray that I will be diligent to keep writing mine.  


Claire Vorster said...

Diane, it's good to be able to see His goodness isn't it. I'm not sure how many times the word 'remember' is mentioned in the Bible but it's a lot!

Remember how...remember when.. remember Me.

Sending lots of love to you and your ladies xxC

Diane said...

Thank you, Claire! And I do remember! Hallelujah!