Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kindred Spirits

Tom brought me to tears today.  I couldn't help but burst into applause as he finished reading his emotinal story about his father.  I only met Tom three weeks ago as I began a short writer's class at the library, but he has touched me deeply - from his pen to my heart.

True stories from the heart - "Heart Warmers" as I call them - are the kind of stories I love to read. Captivated, my soul seems to become intertwined with the emotions of the characters - I feel their pain, suffering, or life joys.  I really don't know what it is...reading or hearing some one's story moves me beyond myself.  And that is a really good place to be.

Margaret read a memoir piece about being on the Potter's wheel.  I was so absorbed into her story, that I invited her to read it at one of my Thursday Bible studies.  I hope she can arrange her schedule because I can't wait to hear her inspiring words again.

All the readings today impacted me in one way or another - stories and poetry about pets, children, parents, faith; some fiction intertwined with memoir; some revelatory, some humorous but, all hitting the writer's chord in my soul.  

Ray is an educated man who writes with a vocabulary that causes me to have to turn to a dictionary.  His writings are deep - coming from the deep well of his soul.  He caused my heart to sigh with a quiet, "Wow!" at his gifts of words and searching heart.

Some from this group have been to writer's groups before.  Some, like me, were newbies.  But, what struck me the most was the willingness of the individual writers to be brutally vulnerable - putting their hearts and souls out there to be positively critiqued by their peers. We were all strangers, yet kindred writing spirits.  Even though we all have very different writing styles, I couldn't wait to hear what these writer's had written for this final week. It was an auditory smorgasboard of delight.  

I stand and applaud this group of memoir writers, celebrating their gift.  Every one of them are authors who have inspired my life.  To the whole group, I say, "Thank you". 


Kathryn Martin said...

I agree with your post. The workshop was a total success both mechanically and spiritually. I left feeling totally uplifted and inspired to continue nurturing the writer within. Thank you for the part you took in that journey.

Diane said...

Hi kathryn! Thank you for reading me and commenting. I appreciate it.

Melanie said...

Hey Di. It sounds like a group of wonderful people and words!!! Your so versatile:)

Diane said...

Thank you, Melanie.

Andrew Ronzino said...

It sounds like you're enjoying the class!

Diane said...

Unfortunately, the class is over, Andrew, but I did enjoy it!