Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where's the Joy?

Did you ever release a balloon into the air?  There is something magical about it that brings out child-like, simplistic wonder as we watch it grow smaller and smaller and climb higher and higher.

I remember on one of my daughter, Alece's, first mission trips to Africa, as a teen, she took a package of balloons with her.  Something so simple that we take for granted, these African children had never seen before.  Alece was in awe of the excitement they experienced playing with balloons for the first time. It produced absolute joy in them and they screamed in reckless abandon.

What produces absolute joy in you?  Do you ever stop to think about it?  In our "adult" lives, we rarely take the time to think of such things - we're too busy playing "grown up".  Maybe we should more often, maybe our lives would be more energized. After all, "joy unspeakable and full of glory" is down inside us.  Maybe it's just waiting to be released, maybe we need to reconnect with the "little child" down inside of us and do something with reckless abandon.

I think I'll buy a package of balloons, head to the beach, and invite the little girl I used to know - a long time ago - to come out and play!

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