Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Shadows of Night

Within the night-time light, shadows play and dance
Images in black and white create a unique perspective

Eyes created to see light struggle in darkness
What is that in the corner?

The scene does not change in daylight vs. nightlight
So, what is different?

The brightness of light

In the dimness, eyes focus on the shadowing effects and coloring
No longer seeing the truth in its entirety

Secrets stay hidden
Deceptions lay in wait

The actual truth of the scene is obscured
Eye and mind work hard to comprehend details

As daylight begins to overshadow nightlight 
Clarity slowly emerges 

The hidden now exposed
Truth emerges

Truth that has been there all along
Yet not seen due to the shadowing of nightlight

Truth that has been there all along
Now stands un-mistakingly visible
For Light has come

The Light has surely come into the shadowy night of my life
The Light shows forth clarity, Truth, and 20/20 hindsight

The Light has surely come into the shadowy night of my life
The Light illuminates all that is good, just, right, pure, and holy
And in that Light, no darkness can stand and sin is exposed

Eyes no longer focused on shadowy effects and coloring
Mind and eye fully comprehend

Ever so grateful for The Light that exposed the secrets, deceptions, plots and plans
And dispelled the darkness of all that laid hidden as a snare

Only in the brilliance of Light can Truth stand
He brought me out of shadows into the fullness of Light
Out of evil’s darkness
Into the technicolor of the Glory of His SonLight

All praise, honor, and glory be to my GOD, my Father!  
Arise, shine! For your Light has come!And the Glory of The LORD is risen upon you.For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people;But, The LORD will arise over you,And His Glory will be seen upon you.       ~ Isaiah 60:1-2
Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, July 11, 2016

Enlightened Counter Tops Enlightens the Soul

Well, I moved into the new apartment complex.  In the process of still being built, I'm on the ground floor of one of the two buildings that are complete. Everything is brand spanking new.  Want to know what brought me to tears as I took possession of my new home?

No, this is not my kitchen, but
mine lights up just the same
Lights under my kitchen cabinets.

When I tried a switch on the wall to see which light it was to, the counter tops lit up.  I burst into tears of joy and praised my Abba for His Goodness and His delight in pleasing me...

For years I had asked my husband to update our old kitchen. Nope. I asked to have someone come (because the husband couldn't have been bothered) and install lights under our kitchen cabinets.  Nope.

What man cannot/will not do, our wonderful, good, good Father does!  And for one reason only: to please His children, to bring delight to their souls, and tears of joy to their faces.  Now, that is Love!

A simple thing such as this.  Something never "prayed" about. Not even a deep "longing" on my part. Just a little something He knew about me.  By blessing me with this tiny desire, Abba showed me His Intimate Love toward me.  And if He did this tiny little thing, how much more He will do for the huge things I need?  Lesson learned, Father.  Thank You!

I don't know which is brighter: my counter tops or my soul.  For He has enlightened both!  Oh, Hallelujah!

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, June 27, 2016

Yes? No? Maybe?

Phone call #1:

“Diane, the new tenant was wondering if she could have your air conditioners.”

“I’m sorry, no, they are promised to others.”

“Are you taking them with you?”

“No, they are promised to others.”

Phone call #2:

“Diane, the new tenant will give you $300 for the air conditioners.”

        Temptation #1:  Man, $300 would come in handy right about now…

“No, I’m sorry, they are promised to others.”

But, Diane! $300!

       My word is worth more than $300, isn’t it?  
              He who swears to his own hurt… ~ Psalm 15:4
       LORD, my word is my bond, my word is my oath - even if it costs me.

“No, I’ve given my word.”  

"Are you sure?"

        Temptation #2:  Am I?  I could just come up with an excuse to the others.  They would never know...

"Yes! I am sure."

I gave my word (He who swears) even unto my own hurt (not receiving $300). I may be shy $300, but my heart is wearing a smile.

YES, I am sure!

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Friday, June 17, 2016

North Carolina Highlight #1

For this child I prayed ~ 1 Samuel 1:27 
Little men - Keith and DJ
Twenty years ago I was head of the Nursery Department in my church.  We had two separate rooms - one for infants and toddlers and the other for 3-4-year-olds.  One day, Isabel came in with her two grandsons in tow.  Keith and DJ were just three years old. Cousins who were the same age. I will never forget that day they walked in - they were dressed like little men. My heart melted with love for these two boys. They were raised to adulthood in this close-knit family, where the "village" of this family all helped raise them. Cousins, yet closer than some brothers.

A bit after arriving at Isabel's home last night, her daughter Marion came in with a surprise home-made birthday cake for me and with DJ.  This handsome young man, now 23, recently came home from his tour of duty.

Handsome man
As a child, I prayed for him and Keith. Last night as a man, we embraced.  I looked into his eyes and saw the fruit of my prayers.  That same smile he had as a three-year-old is the same now 20 years later. Joy filled my heart to see the fruit of my prayers. There was much I wanted to say to him but I couldn't for I knew if I did, the tears would flow.

Man/soldier who could embrace this old lady with fondness. The kind of hug that only Love can produce.  Man/soldier with a gentle spirit and Love in his heart...(now the tears are flowing).

Next Wednesday, the day before I leave to go home, Keith arrives.  He will be home on leave.  Our Father arranged for him to arrive while I am still here.  Oh, thank You, LORD.

I cannot wait to look into his eyes.  More than that, I cannot wait to see cousin/brothers side by side once again.  

Boys who used to play soldier.
Men who are soldiers.

As men of valor, their military experiences are incomprehensible to me.  I want to be able to hold them and erase all that they may have seen, heard, witnessed, done that may have scarred their souls.  Of course, that is not in my ability to do so.

But what is in my ability is I can pray as I did so long ago, and trust DJ and Keith into our Father's Hand of healing and graciousness.

Hhmmm...which is the highlight?
Birthday cake?  DJ?
Birthday cake?  DJ?

Clearly DJ.  Thank You, LORD, for this gift unto me. 

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Thursday, June 16, 2016

What A Difference Five Months Makes

Five months ago, I sat in this same airport.  I had written a post while sitting in a holding pattern just waiting.  I ended up never posting it.  At the time, I was surrounded - literally - by businessmen. Some, you could clearly tell, were on the prowl.  It caused me to wonder and wonder about all my husband's "business trips" and if he, too, was on the prowl?  It was unnerving and a very negative experience.  Even though I love people-watching, all I could see were these men eyeing all the woman trying to connect.

Five months later, I'm once again in the airport going to the same destination.  This time, I'm surrounded by families, children, teens, single men, single woman. Some may be businessmen. Some may be on the prowl, but my eyes aren't picking up on that.  And my heart is carefree and free of wondering.

And I'm enjoying my people-watching.

Oh, Father, thank You for all the healing you are doing in me and for growing me up in my now-new-life.  

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, June 13, 2016

All It Takes Is A Pinch

Seems you can take anything good and decent, no matter how big, how grand, and even a pinch of pride can poison the whole kit and caboodle.                                                                     ~ Floyd Samons
A pinch of pride is all it takes to ruin something good?  Such a minute amount?  UGH.

I'm right, you're wrong. 

No, I'm right, you're wrong.

Such thoughts and attitudes can ensnare our hearts.

Such was the case a week ago with a friend.  I KNOW what she said.  She KNOWS what she said; however, we have two completely different versions of what she said.  I am not a fighter.  I usually concede quickly as to keep the peace.  However, this day was different for some reason.  And even though I could hear Dr. Phil in my head, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?", my mental reply was, "I don't WANT to be right, I AM RIGHT!"  Woah! The pinch of pride that I started with was quickly escalating into a mound.

The prideful attitude of "I'm right, your wrong" can set into motion circumstances that we may later regret.  Yeah, OK.

STUBBORNNESS IS AS IDOLATRY!  (1 Samuel 15:23) Ok, that did it.  I conceded.

We both apologized and decided to move on, putting our "rightness" behind us.  A few days later, I read Floyd's words on his blog.  I was being set up: the whole kit and caboodle (our friendship) was about to be poisoned.  By MY pride.  UGH.

Thank You, Abba, for Your Word being that two-edged sword to my soul and thank You for Floyd's words confirming that I did the right thing.  

Can anyone relate?

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, June 6, 2016

I'm A Free-falling Momma!

This is a line in one of my favorite love/dance-around-the-kitchen songs: 
Let my arms be your escape                                                                           ~lyric from Just Fall by Anthem Lights 
I've never experienced any man's arms being my escape from anything in this life.  No arms have ever caught me nor carried me, held me protectively or even lovingly for that matter.  Not my father's, brother's, uncle's', or husband's.   In the natural that is as foreign to me as speaking Chinese would be.


I have experienced it by my true Father, my Abba.  My Daddy consistently allows me to "just fall" -  free-fall into His Arm of Love, Compassion; Protection and Strength - His Arm of Grace - where He holds me close to His Heart making me feel safe, secure, protected, and unconditionally loved.

No, no man has ever been that for me.  But, my GOD has been.  Oh, what a blessed woman I am!

He will feed His flock like a Shepherd; He will gather the lambs with His Arm, and   carry them in His Bosom, and gently lead those who are with young.                       ~ Is. 40:11
Oh, how blessed I am! 

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I'm A Big Girl Now





For the third time in two and a half years, I'm going through major lifestyle change.  For the third time in two and a half years, I'm d


Someone said to me recently, "Well, downsizing isn't God.  God is all about increase." Well, I would say she doesn't know God intimately enough to understand that isn't a true statement.  God's "downsizing" is all about increase. I guess it all depends on if you see the glass half full or half empty.

It is a stripping away.  A pruning by the Vinedresser.  A letting go of these temporal things. A getting ready for new possibilities.  And it is FREEDOM!

I did something yesterday that most people do in their twenties, but because I married young and moved straight from my childhood home to my marital home, I never lived on my own.  As I made the decision, as I signed my name, I said to my friend, "I'm a big girl now!"  Oh, how we laughed and giggled with glee as if we were two young girls moving out on our own.

Since my steps are ordered by The LORD, I have peace. And a joyful expectancy in the midst of the "Did I make the right decision?" quandary.  Right or wrong, the decision is made.  Right or wrong, I'm holding Abba's Hand.  Right or wrong, I'm letting go of all that has been and embracing the possibilities of what can be.  Right or wrong, I feel so free.

I feel like Mary Tyler Moore did on the opening credits of her TV show when she threw her beret up in the air on the streets of Minneapolis.  I'm a big girl now!  (he-he)

Thank you, Tell Me A True Story, for allowing me to share on your site!

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

As the Baby Sails Out the Window

"Don't feel sad over someone who gave up on you.  Feel sorry for them, because they gave up on someone who would never have given up on them."                                                                           
You know, I've thought about this exact saying countless times in the past two and a half years. I'm sad for the husband of my youth because I wonder if his young, other-wife, will unconditionally love him so as to take care of him in his old age.  She did not love and honor him for 40 years through the good, the bad, and the ugly but, will she for the next decades to come? Or will she abandon him when he no longer serves her purpose just as he has done to the family of his youth?  Oh, how I wonder and pray that he has contemplated such matters. As one who knows The Word of God and stood in pulpits teaching extensively on this subject, does he need to be reminded that the Law of sowing and reaping is in play here?  

Oh, I do feel sorry for him. It is sad that he has thumbed-his-nose-up at Unconditional Love (Agape) and settled for lust. Lust that will be very fleeting in the days to come.

I don't give up on people (obviously). Things yes, people no.  I do not "burn bridges" behind me.  I always leave the door open to those who were "once" in my life. I may throw the bath water out, but never the baby with it.  

Why? Because Agape Love

permeates my being. Agape does not lock doors up tight. Agape does not burn the bridge behind itself. Agape does not throw the "baby out with the bathwater". 

GOD's door is always open to us.  The "bridge" back to Him is always stable, secure, and reachable. And GOD never, ever throws us away - no matter how dirty or ugly our "bath water" might be.  

Agape in me does not give up on someone because GOD, Who IS Love, does not.   

Even when others do.

Even when others do.

I am so thankful GOD has never thrown me away - even when my bath water was nasty and polluted.  Now, that is Agape!

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, May 2, 2016

Seeing Green

Here are the two things I’ve been meditating on this morning:
“If a man cannot prove his “religion” in the valley, it is not worth anything.”                                               ~ Oswald Chambers
II Corth. 5:7:  For we walk by faith, not by sight.
My eyes see the unseen because faith is my eyesight.  Now, if THAT is true, then my “religion” should be proven out in the valley times of this earthly journey.  And not just the valley times, but the ho-hum everyday existence when it’s neither mountain top nor valley.  In going about my daily routines, is my sight centered in on the unseen?  Am I aware of all the angels around me, moving on my behalf as I declare God’s Word from my lips?  (Psalm 103:20   Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His Word, heeding the voice of His Word. )  Am I aware of the spiritual battle all around me that is being fought on my behalf?

I have observed that most “Christians” today are like someone who has just lost their eyesight and are terrified to learn to navigate the darkness.  They sit.  Unable to move.  Unable to do.  All due to fear of this or fear of that.  Excuse after excuse.  Is their “religion” worth anything?  They have not turned on their faith eyesight.   

A woman I know - who is a long-time Christian - has told me she wants to attend my Bible study, but will not come because she doesn’t like the road that the building is off of.  Huh?!  (It is a 35 MPH thoroughfare.)  It makes my head glitch.

I do not want to be one such as that.  I want to continue to brave the darkness, fine tuning my faith-eyesight as if I were wearing precision, military night-goggles, which gives me the ability to see no matter how black the darkness is, no matter how deep in a valley I may be in.  

Because of Him and Unto Him,